The Tylenol Witch Hunt began 31 years ago in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • In 1978. Kansas City Police discovered Raymond West, 72, with a history of heart problems requiring medication, dead and chopped up in the attic of his locked home. Neither the police, nor Detective David Barton, nor the Prosecutor, James Bell, knew how West died, but for 31 years, they have accused James Wm. Lewis of murdering and buthering Raymond West.
  • Fortunately for justice and truth, reason and common sense prevailed, and James Wm. Lewis was never convicted of murdering Mr. West.
  • When Mr. West was reported missing, police searched West's house and found no blood stains, corpse nor evidence of foul play.
  • After police searched Mr. West's house, his friend, Charles Banker, installed a padlock on West's home, and gave a key to the police.
  • During three weeks when Mr. West was listed as a missing person, KC detectives (and Mr. Banker) enjoyed unfettered ingress and egress to their putative future crime scene, because West's home was under the detectives' (and Mr. Banker's) own lock and key, thereby exluding access to all others, including James Wm. Lewis.
  • Whatevever happened to Mr. West happened while his house was under the shared exclusive control of the KC Police and Mr. Banker.
  • In 1982, and laters years, a small cadre of KC detectives, including David Barton, plus James Bell, used Mr. West's misfortunate condition to help juiceup national and global fear, Tylenol mass hysteria and the villification of James Wm. Lewis, when someone spiked Tylenol with cyanide in the Chicago area, killing seven or more victims.
  • As a result, James Wm. Lewis is now labelled in the press worldwide as the Tylenol Man, the Prime Suspect in the still unsolved Tylenol murders.

For 31 years, David Barton, K.C. homicide detective, and Bell have claimed Raymond West was murdered, but West's attached death certificate lists cause: UNKNOWN.

How did Raymond West die?

No one knows!

"There was not a shred of evidence that Lewis committed the Tylenol murders." said U.S. Federal Judge, Frank J. McGarr in 1983.

"It appears unlikely Lewis will ever be linked to the seven murders," said Chicago Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek, whose Chicago detectives did the bulk of investigating the Tylenol Murders.

In addition, James Wm. Lewis and his wife were destitute and living in Manhattan, NY and not in the Chicago area when and where the Tylenol murders were committed.

End of story. All speculation about James Wm. Lewis and Tylenol beyond Manhattan is irational, inflamatory and irresponsible harrassment.
Mr. James Bell, Former Assistant Jackson County Prosecutor
  • To this day, James Wm. Lewis is still being publically reviled, villified and maligned as a murderer and a butcher, without cause, by an Officer of the Court, a member of the Missouri and Kansas Bars, James Bell, Esquire.
  • On April 28, 2009, NBC-Channel 41 in Kansas City quoted Bell, “It turns out he [Lewis] was a member of 4-H and that he had had some training in butchering livestock.”
  • AN UNTRUE and REPREHENSIBLE ACCUSATION! James Wm.Lewis has never been a member of any 4-H chapter anywhere! PLUS, Lewis has never had any training nor any experience in butchering livestock, as James Bell knows.
  • Why has James Bell promulgated such false, horrific and incendiary acusations about James Wm. Lewis for three decades?
  • The most obvious reason is that James Bell is a killer who tried to execute Lewis, via a Capital Murder indictment, with no evidence of homicide.
  • Deluded killers like James Bell and Charles Manson share identical psychological traits; they simply have differenct excuses for taking a human life.
  • For 31 years, Mr. Bell's mind has obessively invented ways to dehumanize Lewis, as we witness on the NBC site, where Bell falsely accused James Lewis of being a butcher. Bell, just as other well-know killers do, dehumanizes his victims, to justify publically humiliating, degrading and villifying them, before executing them.

Will re-opening this cold case and exhuming Mr. West, once and for all, quash Bell and his colleagues' 31 years of bowelless rants , i.e., their endless unseemly argumentum ad hominem haranges and villifying of James Wm. Lewis and their grissly butchering of the truth?

Mr. West deserves much so better.

This is Raymond West's death certificate.
Cause of Death is UNKNOWN
----NBC Action News Channel 41


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